Karamande Duo : A Journey from Baroque to Jazz 

There are severals common factors which link Baroque repertoire to Jazz. Basso Continuo and improvisation are one of the flagrant example. 

The cellist Amandine Lefèvre and the jazz pianist Karim Maurice will offer you a  return journey back in time, from Purcell to Duke Ellington by going through Bach and Chick Corea. From solo to duo, mixing genders, abolishing aesthetic boundaries, you will discover an original repertoire full of surprises. 

Zinecik Project - Concert cinema "L'inhumaine" of Marcel L'Herbier

Test laboratory crossing arts, project Zinecik will suggest you « electro-eclectic » musical creation which invite you to discover or rediscover the futurist movie « L’Inhumaine » .


Karim Maurice : Keybords

Christophe Telbian : Drums, Machines

Sylvain Charrier / Karim Maurice Duo

Inspired by the famous duet Chick Corea and Gary Burton, Sylvain Charrier and Karim Maurice will offer you an original repertoire mixing jazz standards and compositions.

This musical journey will lead you from latin universe of Chick Corea to the sweet and smooth music of Brad Mehldau by going through original compostions.


Sylvain Charrier : vibraphone

Karim Maurice : Piano

Karim Maurice & Lionel Moreau-Flachat Duo

Inspired by the famous duet Stan Getz and Kenny Barron, Karim Maurice and Lionel Moreau-Flachat will propose you a repertoire of standards which leaves its mark on jazz history.

From Broadway comedies to latin standards, they present you a musical trip inspired by the work of Gershwin, Duke Elington, Charlie Parker, Antonio Carlos Jobim and Miles Davis.


Lionel Moreau-Flachat : saxophones

Karim Maurice : Piano